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Lack of leadership training at every level is costing organizations astonishing amounts of money every year! In fact, the cost of not training leaders (in low motivation, miscommunication, wasted time and energy, lack of commitment, and lack of employee engagement) is A LOT more than it would cost to train them!

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My passion  is to help leaders and leadership teams become GREAT leaders and leadership teams, saving them TONS of money, making them organizations people are proud to be a part of, and ultimately improving marriages, families and communities! If that’s what you want for yourself or your organization, here are a few different ways you can work with me to do that.


1. Attend one of my Leadership Courses. You can come to any open-enrollment course in , Southern CaliforniaSeattle or Anchorage, Alaska, either by yourself or with your leadership team. You can also bring my Leadership Excellence Course to your workplace (and save 20%) if you have six or more participants. Just contact me to get it on our calendars.

2. Join me for a season of on-on-one Executive Coaching or join one of my group coaching cohorts to take your leadership to the next level. Coaching is conducted via live Zoom videoconference sessions.

3. Let me help your organization design a customized Leadership Development Program to work on specific areas of needed growth. This is an economical approach to targeting areas of leadership deficiency. I can even help you with your assessment process, so you can have a clear, objective picture of areas where your leadership team needs growth.


4. Book me as a speaker. I have given dozens of results-driven presentations to groups of all sizes, helping them improve in all sorts of areas of leadership. I’d love to come to your organization and speak to them about leadership growth. Just contact me to set something up.

5. Check out my website, or connect with me on LinkedIn to keep up with what’s new!

Can you think of other ways I can help you? Let’s talk about it. Just email me at

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