Welcome to the Great Leaders Blog

Hi, my name is Jay. I’m a pretty average looking, pasty white, middle-aged guy. Almost. There’s one thing that’s unusual about me. I have a passion for making great leaders. How did it get there? Great leaders before me put it there. They were leaders who thought of me as not just a statistic, butContinue reading “Welcome to the Great Leaders Blog”

Supervisors, Unclear Expectations Are Probably Costing You More Than You Know.

One of the most frustrating time wasters in the workplace is spending hours and resources working on something only to find out it’s not what your boss wanted. Or believing you were doing something the way your boss expected it to be done, only to find out in a feedback session you misunderstood their expectations.Continue reading “Supervisors, Unclear Expectations Are Probably Costing You More Than You Know.”

Managers, Here’s Why Workplace Conflict Is Derailing Your Productivity, And What To Do About It.

One of the most common failures of managers today is the failure to effectively handle workplace conflict.