Great Leaders Think Exponentially

A desire for personal growth and improvement is important for all leaders. Not just desire, but a plan to grow our leadership capital and capacity. When we improve, our organizations improve, and that’s important. But for great leaders personal improvement is not enough. Great leaders see their job as helping everyone in the organization getContinue reading “Great Leaders Think Exponentially”

Start Growing Your Leadership Capital

Dear Leader, Most leaders I talk to agree that the key to organizational effectiveness is having plenty of great leaders at all levels. Most wish they had more great leaders whom they can count on. But the process of training leaders and getting valuable results seams daunting. That’s why I joined Academy Leadership, LLC. AcademyContinue reading “Start Growing Your Leadership Capital”

Great Leaders are Trust Builders

A few years ago, I stepped into a leadership position where I was to lead a group of people who had lost trust. They had lost trust in their previous leader (who was no longer there), their board who governed their organization, and even had lost trust in each other. Leadership in the past hadContinue reading “Great Leaders are Trust Builders”