Great Leaders are Intentionally Unimpressive

Here’s an important paradigm to start the new year: Great leaders are intentionally unimpressive. In much of my military officer experience, leadership was a competitive sport. Officers had to compete against each other for promotion, assignments and other opportunities. As a result, officers spent considerable amount of effort trying to be more impressive than theirContinue reading “Great Leaders are Intentionally Unimpressive”

Great Leaders Are Inviting

  Why do you suppose, with the thousands of leadership books available, that there is such a deficit of great leaders today? It’s not that people don’t read leadership books. Many of those books are best sellers. Leadership books are great, and leaders should read them. I’ve read lots of them. They can be veryContinue reading “Great Leaders Are Inviting”

Great Leaders Make More Leaders

The number one job of great leaders is to make more leaders. This is how great leaders leave a legacy for every organization, every family, and every community they touch. This may be different than how many leaders would define success. But remember, we’re not talking about success. We’re talking about greatness. If a leaderContinue reading “Great Leaders Make More Leaders”