My New Chapter

Dear friends,

I think it’s time I gave you an update on my next chapter, now that it seems to be coming together. Many of you know that I left my role as Executive Pastor at ChangePoint last September, and that my Special Assistant role with Governor Parnell’s office ended with the end of his administration in December. Since then, I’ve taken a season to research and pray about where I’d like to go professionally at this stage of my life. I’m thankful that God has provided for Sonia and me in such a way that a long break was possible.

20141226 - Pullins Family-9 copyI’ve always been told that the ideal job is one that you’d want to do even if you had to do it for free. And I guess I’ve reached that age where doing what I love is more important than how much money I can earn (though being successful at both would be great). I’ve always been drawn toward growing and helping others grow as leaders. I’ve looked at a lot of opportunities over the last few months, and I believe I’ve found a great fit.

I’ve joined a team of 30+ leadership coaches in a small but nation-wide company called Academy Leadership. I attended their Leadership Excellence Course in Colorado in April, and I was sold. I’ve seen a lot of leadership development programs over the years, and I’m really impressed with what Academy Leadership has to offer. Our focus is not on business consulting, but on developing the character and competency of leaders in every sphere of society.

I plan to start my own business this summer that will function as an affiliate of Academy Leadership. My next steps are to launch my website, attend training in July in Annapolis, Maryland, and conduct my first Leadership Excellence Courses in Anchorage in October and November.

I’m excited that this role allows Sonia and me to stay here in Anchorage also. Sonia will continue her business, Sonia’s Art Studio, painting and teaching art lessons. We both want to continue investing in the discipleship movement in Alaska, and I hope to continue working as a volunteer with my friends at 3dMovements and ChangePoint.

Sonia and I are thankful for your prayers and friendship during the transition. Some of you might be wondering, “How can I help?” Well, I’m not too proud to ask for a favor. If I’ve been a positive influence in your life as a leader, and you don’t mind sharing a couple sentences about that, it could really help me with getting started. If you’re a LinkedIn user, you could post it right on my page, If not, you could just send a comment to me with permission to use it on my web page when it’s launched.

OK, enough about me. Sonia and I hope you’re having an awesome summer! We look forward to hearing about you and staying in touch!





Published by Jay

Jay Pullins has been leading and developing leaders in a variety of settings for over 25 years. He has a diverse background as a military officer, an appointed public official, and executive leader of Alaska’s largest church. Jay is the founder and owner of Anchorage-based Catapult Leadership Solutions, providing expertise in developing the character and competency of leaders in all sectors. A 1989 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Jay led U.S. and multi-national teams for the U.S. Air Force, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), NORAD, and the Alaska National Guard. He led combat crews as an Air Battle Manager in Operation DESERT STORM, the conflicts in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, and counter-drug operations in Central and South America. Jay retired as an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel in 2011. Jay served as Chief of Staff to the Lieutenant Governor, then Special Assistant to the Governor of Alaska. He also served as Executive Pastor of ChangePoint church for five years. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the US Air Force Academy, and a Master’s Degree in Adult Education from the University of Oklahoma. He serves as a consultant and coach to church leaders for 3dMovements, and serves on the Board of Directors for Beyond Borders and the Conflict Resolution Center. Jay and his wife, Sonia, live in Anchorage, Alaska, and have two grown sons.

One thought on “My New Chapter

  1. You are a positive soul, inspirational leader, devoted follower, sincere mentor, dedicated family man and a true patriot. I know that anyone who is given the opportunity to hear about your life experiences can only benefit. Good luck in your new endeavor! Top Rock misses you!

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